From consulting to manufacturing and delivery -
We are your reliable partner for sophisticated products.

We are specialists in the fields of injection moulding (injection moulding), Dip Moulding (immersion method), coatings as well as the production and design of high-precision plastic parts.

With a lot of experience and latest technology, we always offer our clients the best solution.

And the ... Quick - Predictable - Cost effective solution

  • Injection Moulding

    We produce technical parts from under customer based wishes using
    injection moulding processes, for example, bellows, cover caps and many

    You provide us with a sample of the product or a design drawing and we
    will provide you with your individual product, on time and cost ef ficiently.


    Injection Moulding

  • Dip Moulding

    Special plastic coating in our dip moulding processes provide our customers a product with the most cost-effective solutions with the highest liability and quality.

    The FORMA Dip Moulding process gives our customers a high liability for
    the coating on the product. Send us your product for coating in dip moulding process and you will receive your product in an individual and high quality coating.

    Dip Moulding

  • Use of high-tech machines

    High-precision products require high-precision tools and machines.
    At FORMA, we focus on German engineering quality.

    Through the consistent use of high-tech injection molding manufacturer "ARBURG"  we give our clients the highest level of reliability, production efficiency and profitability.

    Link to "ARBURG"

  • Engineering of tools and forms.

    The engineering and maintenance of molds and tools is ensured through close cooperation with reliable partners.

    On request we let molds or tools be manufactured for your product, regardless of whether this is a prototype, shortrun or a long-run production.

    We advice you

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